That's Not Very Nice!

Friday, January 13, 2006

To the Woman in the Black Expedition

You know who you are.

While your husband was driving your sorry ass around today, seems you had to flail your boney fingers and crotchety voice around like you own the road. Let me tell you woman, it just isn't attractive on you. Your husband was embarrassed as all hell. I'll bet you are still hearing about it from him as you (hopefully) reading this.

I wish you the mother of all yeast infections, you used up hag.

You are lucky I have self control, or I'd have beat you till you cried with the floor mat in the truck. Then I would have thrown your cell phone into traffic. If your make-up case was handy, that would have gone into traffic too. Then I'd have grabbed my floor mat and gone home.

Rather than act like a boob like you, I behaved. I ignored you. Because YOU suck. A lot, judging from the wrinkles around your mean old mouth. Just sayin'.

To all of you who are not the blonde woman in the Expedition, near a Burger King, and a stoplight at approx. 4:45 this afternoon, acting like a giant ass, please disregard this post, and have a good weekend.