That's Not Very Nice!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Tax Time!

My husband got his W2 for yesterday, and did the exciting task of doing the taxes last night. Woohoo. I just hide on the couch and wait for him to ask me my social security number. We file jointly but I just don't understand because I didn't made a dime last year, so why do I have to sign the taxes too? Is it just to prove that I am still alive? Because that just doesn't seem too foolproof of a way to keep track.

My husband deliberately staples the papers together even though it specifically says not to. Has been doing this for years. So I asked him why the hell he thinks he NEEDS to keep doing that. His response: Because they keep stealing my money, they can deal with a couple of staples. OK freak show. He also made mention that he would like to do the taxes in crayon, just for fun. Kinda like--Ooooh, that'll get 'em. Yes dear. Then they can put you on a list, (they sooo have a crazy tax asshole list, I'm just sure of it), and just wait for you to screw up so they can take away all our stuff, even the cats. You know they would take the cats just for spite.

All because he did the taxes in crayon, and used staples. Then they would take all of my stuff just because I am married to a smart ass. And signed the taxes.

Thank you in advance, Dearest Husband, for getting all of our good, good stuff taken away. They will put us in separate prisons, I hope you know.

Please just quit it with the staples before things start happening.