That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"All Inclusive Vacation"

Had to go to the court house today and pay a parking ticket.

(I actually joked with my husband about NOT paying it, just so I could go to jail for a few days as a "all inclusive" vacation) I have never been to jail before, but as far as I know, it's pretty quiet. I like quiet. He did not find the thought as amusing as I, but he is not a mother

So...I paid the stupid ticket. But first, I had given Shorty .50 cents to buy a roll of Lions club candies in the DMV room in the courthouse. Those ladies were so nice. Everyone at the courthouse was nice. It was creepy weird. Not right at all.

So I managed to make my way upstairs to the Court Administrators area, and lo and behold...Nice. Helpful, speedy. I was speechless as we were leaving, wondering to myself if I had just gone nuts and not realized it, and if it was all just a mind trick, and I was actually laying on the floor at home drooling and twitching. It was that strange.

But I know it really happened because I have a receipt sitting right here, but damn. When did government employees start being nice to deal with?