That's Not Very Nice!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Happy Friday!

Had a marvelous day yesterday, and we had the back door open all day, turned the heat off. It was awesome. The cats went out onto the back porch, which they love to do. Yes it was a fine day. Went to the feed mill and got another $20.00 worth of corn, and hauled it in to the basement last night. We figure that will last us through the season now.

I'm having my Mom over to visit, and shop this weekend, so my weekend will be busy. Mom really enjoys looking on eBay for stuff she sees at garage sales and stuff she has at her house. I try and gross her out by showing her that people actually buy used "vintage" Tupperware on eBay. It disgusts her to no end. I find it funny. See, Mom has never used a computer, so eBay is something of a miracle to her. I enjoy WOWing her. We have a good time.

So, I've got some stuff to do before she gets here.....Happy Friday Folks!!

(Oh, and go wish Oddybobos little guy a Happy Birthday!)