That's Not Very Nice!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am Soooo Nice.

Just for the record:

"Contagion seems happy for her, or rather himself, because he thinks she will talk to him less now. I seem to think she will make time to talk with him. Just guessing." Wrote Ms. Sarah

"It’s about damn time. Her Royal Yappiness can finally have another outlet for her uncontrolled need to communicate other then talking to me. That means I can spend more quality time playing Madden and Blitz instead of having to pretend to listen to her." Wrote Mr. Contagion

Now, Contagion is claiming that I was "wife baiting" to get him in trouble. No, not exactly. In fact, once you read both of the statements, his is far more brutal than mine, and if anyone is going to get Mr. Contagion in trouble, it is Mr. Contagion himself, not me.

I could be considered something of a 'Savior' for paraphrasing it much kinder than he originally wrote it. I was doing him a favor. Because I am so nice. And he feels the need to wrongfully accuse me of offenses that I did not commit. Contagion is a danger to himself. That's all there is to it. No "wife baiting" needed.

I have contacted Mr. Contagion on several occasions, trying to discuss the true definition of "Wife Baiting", and he has been uncooperative in the matter.