That's Not Very Nice!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I'd Have Given My Left Arm...

I'd have given my left arm...

I have come to realize that I use that phrase a lot. Way too much. I even think it in my head when I see something cool.

This came to mind while thinking about when I was riding with TNT and Harvey on the way to the Fritz Fest blogmeet, I was chattering away in the back seat, and showed Harvey the t-shirt I was wearing under my sweatshirt. It was a concert t-shirt from the Guns N' Roses & Metallica tour of 1992. I remember wanting to go to that concert so desperately when it made its way to Mpls., but my folks wouldn't let me go. Many, many tears were shed because of that concert. A couple of years ago I found this shirt at a garage sale, and just had to buy it. Had to. It goes against my rules of not wearing a concert shirt that I didn't go to. I don't care. I probably would have seriously given my left arm to go see the show, I can wear the shirt.

If my arms, fingers, toes and such detatched easily, I wouldn't have much left. I would have traded them off long ago. For stupid stuff like concerts and jewelry when I was 14.