That's Not Very Nice!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Maytag Magic!

So here goes....

3 weeks ago my dryer broke and I thought it was the end of the world. Ended up using the neighbors clothesline for 2 days while my Husband bought new roller dealies from Sears.

On Tuesday my washing machine tanked, and would spin no more (no agitate, no spin cycle), BUT ALAS!!!!! I was saved by the emergency spare!! Hubbys 1950--something Maytage Wringer washer in the corner of the basement!

Ah the joy........So, out came the elbow grease.......

The Beast is really not that bad! Well, compared to washing clothes the really hard way in the bathtub (Which I have done, way back when we were poooooor and in college living in a way too expensive apartment and had no business being out on our own), anyway, it's actually very simple:

Fill washtub with water from somewhere (I hooked some old heater hose from an ambulance to my shower in the basement, worked awesome, yeah, don't ask....) and add detergent while filling, also add clothes while filling. Stand and wait a while for it to fill up, and when it does, plug The Beast in. There is no switch, if t is plugged in, it is ON, that's how it was designed. Now, the motor is running, but not agitating, so pull large chrome knob on the front of The Beast out all the way. Stand back as you clothes get the everloving crap beat out of them by the innocent looking agitator, quick, shut the lid so you don't get wet. Wait a while (like 10 to 15 minutes, you should really set a timer)

OK, now, the washing is done, push that chrome knob back in all the way. Pull the hose down that is hooked to the side of the machine to drain the water, gravity style. This takes bit as you wait for gravity to do its thing. Wait...wait...While you wait, you can begin with the wringer portion.

Now, here is where the hazards of being tossed back 60 years come in. This thing will KILL, MAME, and DESTROY those who are not careful. I am soo not kidding. So you have this obvious wringer in front of you, with a lever that is perpendicular with the mechanism. If you push the lever one "click" away from you, it pulls the clothes AWAY from you, and if you pull the lever towards you, it will reverse, and whatever you feed it from the back will come towards you. (good to know for when it eats a bra, and you have to maneuver it out without loosing an arm in the process), also handy to know what to do if you get your finger accidentally rolled into this monster.

So, your washtub is emptied , and you begin to pull each item from the tub and feed it thru the wringer, and catch it on the other side. Kinda fun at first, but gets old as your shoulders start to protest because of how long this takes. Every sock, each little item goes through that wringer at least twice and gets thrown in a heap on the big aluminum lid (or basket if you want to be all fancy about things), till you are done. NOW, start filling washer with water again, and add liquid softener now if you use it. Pitch the clothes right back in there and wait for it to fill with your cold water rinse. Once it is filled again, pull giant chrome knob out all the way, and make sure the lid is shut, or you'll get wet. Stand there for about 5 minutes (or have a cigarette). Wring them all again after draining water, and take care to get all of the water out of them that you can, for your dryers sake. It might take 3 or 4 times per item through the wringer till they are satisfactory. Put the lever on the wringer back to its perpendicular position, and unplug The Beast. Congrats!! You are almost done!!

Angrily throw clothes in dryer and walk away.

Wait about 1/2 hour, (tend to the children, whatever), and begin process all over again. If using a clothesline, do not wait 1/2 hour, do not unplug, just spray out the washtub (to remove softener residue or lint), and begin with next load.

Thursday evening I had a new Whirlpool washer in place of the derelict broken one.

I will say that I am glad to have the Maytag Wringer Washer as a reserve. It does a great job cleaning the clothes (I DO NOT recommend it for dedicates), and it sure as hell beats the laundromat. Yes, it is harder work, but hard work never killed anyone.

So, thats pretty much the drama for my week!! :-)