That's Not Very Nice!

Monday, August 14, 2006

What In The World!?!?

OK, so we still have the little kittens here, all 4 of the fuzzy guys. I have been working on getting them tame, and it is working great! Most of them have been letting me pet them all over their bodies, only while they eat, and they come when I call for them. Now I need to somehow get them to actually want me to pet them instead of them just putting up with me because they really, really want to eat. Any ideas on that, please let me know.......

So, last night I was cleaning out a room in the basement, and went outside to throw some icky boxes outside, when I see this big yellow man cat (we have seen this fella before) wandering through the neighbors garden, with the kittens in tow!! They were all tails up happy, and following him around all single file while they took their garden adventure. What is up with that?!? I am certain that this cat is a male, and what on earth would possess him to take interest in these kittens? I am simply amazed. Crazy.

I am certainly glad that they have a "mentor". Maybe there is a underground "Big Brother Program" for cats? Maybe the yellow cat is slightly genderly confused? Maybe the yellow cat isn't a boy at all, and what I saw is actually pollen buildup on his butt from hunting so much in gardens, and it's a girl cat after all? Well maybe. Come on folks, MAYBE?