That's Not Very Nice!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tomorrow Will Be a Breeze

Well, I am so burned out from cleaning. Seriously, I even washed all of my potholders, cleaned the fridge, the cabinet doors, the microwave, all the curtains and tablecloths in the kitchen and dining room, along with all the 'normal' cleaning. Plus took Shorty to school, picked him back up, went to teacher conferences, and cooked dinner. I'm running myself ragged, but it sure feels good to get some of this stuff done.

None of those things are hard to do, but they need to get done, and remembering is the hardest thing sometimes. You just don't always think to clean some stuff till you go in a drawer and see that all of the potholders have some stain, or chunk of crusty mess on them. Then you go on a hunt for stuff to do. For instance, I washed all of my ice cube trays. Why? You ask....Because they had these grodey-looking half sized shriveled up ice cubes in them from 2 months ago in them. Yuck. I just keep finding stuff like that. And it is refreshing to take care of some of this stupid crap, stupid as it may be.

And of course, I got the laundry caught up, again, thankfully.

Tomorrow will be a breeze after today...