That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Contents below are boring and lame and I wrote them to waste time, so if you value your time, don't bother reading this post!!

I have nothing to say tonight. Nothing at all.

Nothing has happened even remotely worth writing about. Oh, I could write about how I started keeping the electric blanket on level 6 instead of 16. That's not exacly exciting.

Or I could write about the 4 tupperware jello cups I bought hold exactly a small box of jello. That's not at all exciting.

Or maybe how I should really do a couple of loads of laundry today. Or I could write about how I figured out that if you cut a Bounce dryer sheet in 1/4ths, you get the same effect as using a whole sheet, but not having to buy them nearly as often. Somebody might find that exciting, maybe. But not likely.

I could always write about how it is supposed to snow tonight, but that I'm not excited about it because it won't amount to diddly-squat.

Well that's enough of me thinking out loud for now! Wish I had something exciting, but I have exactly nothing. Well pretty much nothing.

See. I told you not to bother reading this!