That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Want Snow Up to My Armpits

I am a little more than miffed about this winter.

I like winters that have ice storms, and 20 inch snowfalls, and school closings.

I like winters that you wonder how the plows don't get stuck because there is so much snow.

I like winters with blizzards.

I like winters with days where you have to shovel three times a day, or else the snow gets too deep to comfortably shovel.

I like winters that make it so you really need to keep your block heater plugged in, or else the car won't start in the morning.

I like winters that you break your wipers because of the cold.

This winter has been really lame, and if it doesn't shape up, I'm going to be verrrry disappointed.