That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


My husband cracks me up sometimes. He is generally an observant individual, but sometimes (because he is human) he goofs.

Last night he came home and was very hungry. He was having a hard time waiting the 20 minutes till dinner and was pacing, grazing on cookies and whatnot. Comes in and sits down by the computer with a clear sack and mentions how he is going to eat some sunflower seeds. Now that isn't unusual at all till I actually looked at him taking the twistie tie off of the bag, and it is clearly LENTILS. For a second I looked at him, but he wasn't joking, and before I could stop myself, I said "Hey, that's lentils dumbass". Why?!? WHY did I have to say anything? I would pay money to see him casually toss a handful of lentils into his mouth, and watch the horror of it on his face, and I had to go and tell him. Who's the dumbass now, huh?

Oh well. I try to be evil, but it rarely works out. I gotta work on that.