That's Not Very Nice!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Cheap-O Hint of the Day

Ahh....yes. Had a wonderful weekend away from home, found some super deals at.... (oh you think I'm telling where I get awesome deals, nope) it's a secret place and I'm not telling.

I got 2 down jackets for my son, one for next year, and the other is for a couple of years from now. Wow, how much did they cost you say?!?! .25 cents each. Yup. Also picked up many sweatshirts, old navy shirts, t-shirts, etc. for the boy, and they were all .25 cents each. Man, you can't shake a stick at that. I'm just thrilled. Boys are hard on clothes, and at prices like that, YAY!!

But that is not my cheap-o hint of the day. This is:

Instead of buying hand soap in the dispenser, or even buying the refill bottles to refill your dispenser, I just take the cheapest dish soap I can buy, fill the dispenser half-way, then fill it the rest of the way with water, tip it up and down a few times to mix, and you are good to go. I decided to try this when Shorty was a baby, and I was constantly washing my hands because of diapers, barf, boogers, drool, etc...and we were going through a large refill bottle of the wal-mart brand every 2 weeks. Now I have it in all of the bottles because Shorty washes his hands, and you know how kids are with soap. Yeah, they don't have enough in their hand till it is dripping off their elbows, and I don't even cringe. It is so cheap, I could care less, I'm just glad he wants to wash his hands, we will work on the details of soap consumption later.

In fact, I'll bet you could thin the soap down even more with water and still have decent results, I just use 50/50, and it works fantastic.