That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I lost my Great Grandmother last night. She had been living in the nursing home for about 12 years, and went in there with sound mind and spirit, but with her body failing her. She always said that she didn't want to be that 100 year old woman at the home, that couldn't take care of herself at all anymore. Sadly for her, she was that woman, and made it to the ripe age of 104. She was very sad about that, and never wanted to make it to 100. She was ready to rest.

When I was little I would go visit my grandma & grandpa, and my Great Grandmother lived in the same town as them, and I would get sent over there to visit her. She would always greet me with a smile, and then set me up with some warm (I don't know why it was ALWAYS warm) grape juice in a jelly jar glass, some stale cookies, and sit in the kitchen with me and visit for a while. Her house was always kind of eerie quiet. No radio or TV on, always very tidy and clean.

On one particular visit, she took me upstairs to look at some books, and she told me to pick any three books of hers that I might like and I could keep them. I still have those, as they mean a lot to me. See, she was a school teacher all of her adult life, and had lots of children's books from back in the day, I think the ones I picked were from the 1930's. I do believe she taught well into the 1960's, as my mother remembers there always being melted crayons in the car during summer break.

For her, I am glad she can rest. I am glad she no longer has to be burdened with her failing body, and her (now) failing mind. I wish her the best in whatever happens next, and I hope she knows that she was very dearly loved and cherished. I do not feel sad for her, only happiness. She has been wanting to go for some time now, and I am glad she feels no more pain. After spending 104 years on this planet, what you really need is rest.

So on Monday I will say goodbye to the only person I will ever know that has seen Indians in the woods, lost brothers, sons, and grandsons in wars, seen the buffalo roam, lived through the Great Depression, seen America absorb electricity, telephones, radios, television, and cars. Amazing.