That's Not Very Nice!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

He Finally Went Pro

We have a nick-name for our man cat Sally. I have wrote about him before, about how he has earned the name "The Crippler".

He used to be content to rest his rotund 20 lb meaty self of my knee, or ankle, or anywhere that can cause pain that lasts and lasts. Note, he only "cripples" me at night if I have a blanket on. Won't have anything to do with me if I am sitting in a chair.

Woke up the other morning to a strange crippling sensation in my shoulder, and most of my upper body. Realized that Sally was perched on my shoulder as I was sleeping. 20 lbs of giant crippling cat, slowly smashing the life out of me with his obeseness. What I can't figure out is how he got up there without me knowing about it, because when he walks on you it feels like being stabbed with a pool cue. Just goes to show that he is honing his crippling skills, unfortunately for me I'd say he has gone Pro. Yay for Sally. Boo for me.