That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hot Trailer Action...

I had to go to the feed mill today and get corn for the stove, and my husband had pulled the truck out front for me, but left the trailer attached. We discussed it last night, and he said I would be able to get the trailer unhooked so I wouldn't have to cart that thing around to the feed mill. OK, I figured that since he had the confidence in me that I was strong enough to do this I would be fine.

I'm plenty strong, but I have no grip strength in my hands. I was fine till I had to unplug the trailer wiring. I was out in the street fighting this connecter with all I had. The dirty SOB wouldn't budge. I must have fought with it for 10 minutes. I finally got it unplugged, and by that time I was seriously pissed. So I picked up the toungue of the trailer off the ball hitch and roll it back a bit....And the damn thing kept rolling. Yup. There goes the trailer slowly heading down the street. Quick as I am, I grab a chunk of old railroad tie out of the back of the truck and toss it behind the crank dealie stand (No clue what the real name is for it), and that slowed it way down. Then I grabbed a bigger chunk of tie, and ran to the back of the trailer and put it behind the tire. A definate moment of panic had happened right there, no question.

All went well from there on out, thankfully. It would have not been a fun day had that trailer gone zipping down the street, into the neighbors house. Or knowing my luck, it would have run over a mob of elderly, out for an afternoon stroll.