That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It is Not a Favor

Mentally exhausted.

I am mentally exhausted from having company from noon on Friday till yesterday afternoon. I don't know what it is, but when you have people in your house for that long that expect to be entertained (my parents), and move all of your crap around, it just gets old. When I walk into my own living room and sit down to smoke, there had better be an ashtray by the chair. It is not a favor to take all of the ashtrays from where they are and wash them and leave them all in the kitchen. Not a favor. Pisses me off quite a bit.

It is not a favor to MOVE ALL OF OUR SHOES to places that we don't normally put shoes.

It is not a favor to have someone (my dad) stick their head into our bedroom and say "pssssttttttt......" because the alarm is going off in the morning. Go away dad.

Today has been peaceful and quiet. Quiet and peaceful. Mmmmm. Also, my husband is off on another trip, so I have the place to myself. Well, Shorty too. The headache that started on Sunday is almost gone!! Wahoo!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tomorrow Will Be a Breeze

Well, I am so burned out from cleaning. Seriously, I even washed all of my potholders, cleaned the fridge, the cabinet doors, the microwave, all the curtains and tablecloths in the kitchen and dining room, along with all the 'normal' cleaning. Plus took Shorty to school, picked him back up, went to teacher conferences, and cooked dinner. I'm running myself ragged, but it sure feels good to get some of this stuff done.

None of those things are hard to do, but they need to get done, and remembering is the hardest thing sometimes. You just don't always think to clean some stuff till you go in a drawer and see that all of the potholders have some stain, or chunk of crusty mess on them. Then you go on a hunt for stuff to do. For instance, I washed all of my ice cube trays. Why? You ask....Because they had these grodey-looking half sized shriveled up ice cubes in them from 2 months ago in them. Yuck. I just keep finding stuff like that. And it is refreshing to take care of some of this stupid crap, stupid as it may be.

And of course, I got the laundry caught up, again, thankfully.

Tomorrow will be a breeze after today...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Holy Crap.

I have been so busy it's not funny.

I have In-Laws coming on Friday till Sunday night, and then my folks are coming on Sunday night till I don't know when, because I may have jury duty next week.

So that means I have to get this place in order. All the laundry done, everything in order. It is different when you have guests when you are home because if they ask for a towel, you just go get one for them. But when you have to go somewhere, and they are here alone, they have to open the linen closet door and see the disastrous mess. So when I say I have to get things in order, I'm not kidding. Everything in order.

So blogging must take the backburner for a spell, as I whip this place into shape.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Hubby is safe and sound from his trip. I picked him up last night, and his flight was a bit (2 hours) late. My bladder could not hold out the whole time I was waiting outside the airport, so I parked. Good thing too, as we did not arrive home till 3am. There would have been a wet seat, and a shamed woman had I not found a bathroom.

"Welcome home honey!! I wet my pants!" *shudder* Anyway....

I have not been inside the airport since I was 13 or so, so it was kinda fun. Shorty had a good time riding up and down the escalator with me, and playing with another little boy who was waiting as well.

And yes, airport security is kind of a joke. For the first hour I was there, the 2 security people in the baggage claim area just stood there and visited. There was very little they could see from where they were, and it bothered me a little. Not because I felt like I was in danger or anything, only because I assumed the security would be a bit more substantial. Maybe security is more impressive in the rest of the airport, I don't know.

Anyway, I am glad hubby is home again, and he took today off of work. Yay!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Love TV on DVD

My buddy Ross lent us the first 12 episodes of Deadwood a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say, this show kicks ass! I love it! (Hey, I don't have cable so this is the first I have seen of it). There is more cussing in this show than I have ever heard in my life, and they use the phrase 'co**sucker' a bit much, but whatever. I have been staying up late watching it, and getting schooled in the fine art of swearing. Anyway, it's AWESOME.

(It is not appropriate for children in any way, shape, or form.)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I am going to go on a little rant. My mom really hurt my feelings this weekend, and I have to write it.

We were in the car, and I was trying to talk to her about how I have been thinking about what my next career would be as soon as Shorty goes to school full time. It is something I have been mulling over for quite some time. And as a major life decision, I was trying to share my feelings, and options with her.

I should know better than to discuss matters of finance, and carriers with a woman who has no grasp of the value of the dollar, and has not been employed for over 30 years. I should.

It hurts when nobody wants to listen. It hurts when you get ignored. It hurts when someone refuses to listen, when you desperately want them to hear you. It hurts when someone treats you like a mindless dolt.

I have never failed at anything I ever pursued. If I set out to do something, it happens. I am also very realistic. I don't set myself up for failure. I have self confidence issues, and I know why. When ones mother does not have the faith that I can do well for myself, and pursue any avenue I choose and flourish, it makes me doubt my self. My mom hates go-getters. She hates people that give something their all. She does not believe that a woman should have goals. Men, yes. Women, no. In her opinion, a woman is supposed to make her man happy, and care for children and that's it. *F* that.

As a woman who has worked since I was 16, becoming a stay at home mom is crippling to my spirit. Maybe things would be different if I had never worked, and never felt the sweet gratification of a paycheck. I need to work. I need it for me. I need the structure of the workplace, I need the deadlines, I need the feeling that I have value to someone other than my family. I just need it. And for the first time in my life, I have the power to choose the path I *want* to go down, rather than take a job because I need the cash....It is something that I have been mulling over and over. And the woman refuses to listen. Listen to what I want to do with myself. What I want for myself. What I want to become. This is not a small issue in my world, but she has nothing nice to say, nor the tact to shut up and listen like a decent person.

At least I know better than to try and bounce ideas off of her in the future. There. I am finished with that. Although I don't think I feel much better about it, I have only made the situation more clear. That is a step anyway.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I tell ya, we got some serious snow here yesterday. I took a tape measure out there to find out how much we got. 15 inches! Yay!! We had drifts 4 ft high on the one side of our house. The trees still today have snow stuck all over them, and it is beautiful. I did trudge through thigh deep snow over to my pretty pine tree yesterday and shake some of the snow off of the branches, as I was worried that some would break. Hubby thought I was nuts for doing it, and I don't care. If the tree were to lose a couple of branches, it would forever look dumb.

My mom succeeded to drive me nuts this weekend, resulting in me being close to tears and yelling at her about how she is such a democrat. Sadly it didn't even phase her. My patience was definitely put to the test. She pushed quite a few buttons.

Dropped hubby off at the airport this morning. We had to get up at 3:30am to get there in time for his flight. I feel sorry for him as he has a lot of work to do today, and he did not go to bed last night because of the early wake-up for the flight. He will sleep good tonight, that's for sure. I went back to bed when we got back home at 7:30am, and now am feeling fine. Shorty fared well, and let me sleep while he was playing his computer game, and only woke me up to make him some chocolate milk and get him crackers. He crawled into bed with me and fell asleep at 2:00pm, and I will wake him at 5:00pm so he can sleep tonight at his regular time.

It was sad, as we were pulling away from the airport, Shorty told me that he didn't want to take Daddy to the airport anymore because it makes him sad, and then he started quietly sobbing. I told him that it makes me sad too, having to say good-bye to Daddy, but it's just something we have to do. I didn't know what else to say. Poor little fella.

Happy Belated

Oddy, Oddy, not at all forty...
(You think you'd be able to sneak away without a crappy poem......Mwawahhhhh!!!!)

You know who you are,
your name rhymes with roadie!
But not quite...

You brighten the day
and this I will say...
To the lawyer in Pittsburgh,
Happy belated Birthday to you!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Happy Friday!

Had a marvelous day yesterday, and we had the back door open all day, turned the heat off. It was awesome. The cats went out onto the back porch, which they love to do. Yes it was a fine day. Went to the feed mill and got another $20.00 worth of corn, and hauled it in to the basement last night. We figure that will last us through the season now.

I'm having my Mom over to visit, and shop this weekend, so my weekend will be busy. Mom really enjoys looking on eBay for stuff she sees at garage sales and stuff she has at her house. I try and gross her out by showing her that people actually buy used "vintage" Tupperware on eBay. It disgusts her to no end. I find it funny. See, Mom has never used a computer, so eBay is something of a miracle to her. I enjoy WOWing her. We have a good time.

So, I've got some stuff to do before she gets here.....Happy Friday Folks!!

(Oh, and go wish Oddybobos little guy a Happy Birthday!)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You Asked For It Carmen....

This fine poem goes out to Carmen, of I'll Do What I Wanna Do.....Gosh! Hey, she asked for a plett pan poem, and she is getting one! (Hey, sucky poems are my specialty!) If nobody has figured it out by now, I strive for crappy. Absolute crap. Yay for crap! Anyway, here you go:

Iron plett pan,

Seasoned so fine.

I am glad you are mine.

Who loved you for years?

A Swede, I think...

But now you are mine,

and causing me tears.

And making me drink,

too many beers!


It's been quite the pain of a day. Started with kindergarten round-up first thing in the morning, (Shorty did great!), but it involves sitting at the school for 2 hours while they test him, and listening to speeches by the school nurse etc...Bla, bla, long and boring.

Then I came home and was so tired it was ridiculous. So I pissed half the day away trying to sleep on the couch. People without kids take little things for granted. Like naps for one. Like when I was laying there, Shorty woke me up to put a juice box by my face, telling me "It's for if you get thirsty while you sleep Mommy".

Or how about, "Mommy, wake up, I just peed." Was it in the toilet kiddo? "Yes!" Good.

"Mommy? Mommy? Ok, ok, you be Sir Topham Hat, and so what do I need to do Sir Topham Hat?" And it just goes on and on.

I did manage to get a little sleep, and while I was "awake" I was in quite a foggy stupor. I seem to be better off for it, as I can now keep my peepers open, and got me a pot of coffee going. What is left of the day should be salvageable.

Kindergarten sure is a kick in the ass, huh?!

Plett Pan

I am being driven nuts by this friggin research.

Last weekend I picked up a cast iron pan, now I know to be a "plett pan", used to make tiny Swedish pancakes, as they are the traditional Swedish Thursday night supper in Sweden. Yes, Thursday. Anyway, I have been trying like mad to find this pan made by this company (SANDVIK SAW AND TOOL CORP), and according to everything I can find out about the company, they never made cast iron pots and pans. Ever. At least their website, and historical timeline does not admit to it. Google is not offering up anything either....The company is not in my antique price guide books....This is really pissing me off. I have about 6 hours of heavy googling in on this damn thing. Maybe more.

And this is all I know:

It is indeed a plett pan. I now know what pletts are. And these are served with lingonberries. Good. At least I know what the thing is supposed to be used for.

Now, the number in the middle of the pan is 2980, and Griswold (a different cast iron pan manufacturer) uses that very same number on their plett pan. As does "WESTERN IMPORTING CO. MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA". The latter pan is identical to mine with the exception of the markings on the back. They used raised letters, and mine are recessed. Also identical to this Andresen plett pan.

What do I make of this? Did one company make the mold and use it for a while, and then sell it to another company? Why do they have the same 2890 number on the back, which just can't be coincidence? Why is there no mention of this company affiliated with ever making cookware, when I have definite proof that they did? Grrr. It exists. It really does, because I'm looking right at one. Grrrr......

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Went to the old Wally-World today, and made some observations:

1) Some old folks would like some guidance when making major purchases, like canned chili. (I helped an older gentleman with his decision today)

2) Apparently it is perfectly fine to let your kids eat as many bakery donuts as possible while shopping, as long as you stuff the wrappers behind some cheese. Bastards.

3) College girls seem to dress pretty dumpy while shopping there.

4) People on cell phones while shopping piss me off.

5) My wally-world has an arcade, and that ticks me off. Mainly because it is just another thing I have to tell my son "NO" to.

6) Some of the employees are just plain creepy. Like the cat food guy....*shudder*

So there you have it. My observations of the day.

Shop Vac

Shop Vac, O' Shop Vac!

You suck things with ease..

You cleaned up a tack,

And even some cheese...

Your power is mighty

You keep our things tidy...

If only you were quieter please!


Smelly monkey,

smelly monkey,

at the zoo.

Making turdballs with his poo.

Smelling funky,

at the zoo,

I think he got some,

on my shoe.

Only at My House...

Overheard at the house of me and mine:

"I was in the FFA for a while, remember? Don't even fu*k with me on dirt composition."

Yes. My husband was saying humus wrong, (he was saying hummus) and I informed him that maybe he should just say organic matter to keep from sounding stupid. Out the online dictionary comes....

BAM! FFA kid strikes again...

Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend Quotes

Here are some quotes from this weekend:

"That kid was nice, but he's not quite right"

"A buck f***ing twenty-five for a pop?"

"Your Mom is the ultimate Ninja"

"Your Mom keeps dog crap in her pocket?!?!"

Re to above: "Yeah, but it's in a bag."

Q: "What do you get from a $60.00 hooker?"
A: "Crabs"

"That one lesbian over there....I'm thinking she doesn't have it all going on upstairs"

"How sure are you that they are lesbians?"

Yeah, we had fun. I'm resting today, and facing the reality of laundry and cleaning and dishes again....Woo hoo...

Tiny Bladder

Tiny bladder, why in me?

The size of a walnut,

I'm guessing to be.

I drink lots of coffee,

but sometimes it's tea.

And spend half the day,

On the toilet to pee!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy Weekend to You!

Going drinking, and shopping and shooting this weekend, horray!

You just can't beat good company, great deals, and killing paper. Oh, and cold beer. Can't be done.

I so enjoy spending time with my friends and family, I really do. I get so damn excited about this stuff. Like a 12 year old girl excited about a sleepover! Seriously. Oh, well. I have to get busy here sprucing the place up, cleaning the litter box, and picking out the clothes I'm wearing this fine weekend, and doing any necessary laundry. That stuff takes time. Sure does. Oops, and accessories, can't forget to pick out jewlery.

Yay! Happy weekend to you!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Get Dressed!

I had Shorty dress himself today for school. You know what happens then?

Little Man is wearing 2 pairs of underpants, that's what. I have to keep a better eye on him...I just assumed...Oh well. At least he dresses himself now.

Little Lawn Man

Mr. Garden Gnome, what do you say?

On the guard, for another day.

The dogs may pee, on your lap,

and all you do is laugh and clap!

You sturdy man, I have to say

I'll hose you down, another day!

Lumpy Old Man

Hike up those pants, you lumpy old man,

you sweat like a monster,

go sit by a fan.

Your pants hang far down,

you look like a clown.

Please buy some suspenders,

I said with a smile.

I can see your crack,

For more than a mile.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thanks Oddy!

So here is the silver platter that Oddybobo helped me identify!! I have not had a chance to buy any silver polish, but this is what it looks like right now.

Word on the street says that according to the mark on the bottom, it was made between 1894 and 1896. Now that, my friends is pretty kick ass. I am going to continue my research on this piece to determine its value, but I am very happy to know its age.

So, a big thanks to Oddy for her super investigative skills!

Cat Lady

With fur in your purse, and fur in your shoe,

we see you coming,

All covered in fur, from your head to your toe,

like gentle wisps of fresh fallen snow...

Jelly Beans and White Bonnets

I had a Ash Wednesday post all written up, but I'm not going to post it. Nope. You know why? It all boils down to several questions I have about the Easter tradition.

What the heck does candy, and baskets, and bunnies have to do with any of it? Did Jesus leave a pile of goodies like that under his linen when he left the cave? Was there peeps, and eggs, and chocolate bunnies under there?

Did they let the children go in there and search for plastic eggs with jelly beans in them? Did he leave a Sears catalog open to the page with clip on ties for little boys, and frilly bonnets and white dresses for the girls?

I didn't think so...

If you wonder these questions as well, here is a site that seems to have it's act together answering these very questions, with dates and origins. Quite interesting too. I don't know what to think of the Jelly Bean poem, but whatever...

"All Inclusive Vacation"

Had to go to the court house today and pay a parking ticket.

(I actually joked with my husband about NOT paying it, just so I could go to jail for a few days as a "all inclusive" vacation) I have never been to jail before, but as far as I know, it's pretty quiet. I like quiet. He did not find the thought as amusing as I, but he is not a mother

So...I paid the stupid ticket. But first, I had given Shorty .50 cents to buy a roll of Lions club candies in the DMV room in the courthouse. Those ladies were so nice. Everyone at the courthouse was nice. It was creepy weird. Not right at all.

So I managed to make my way upstairs to the Court Administrators area, and lo and behold...Nice. Helpful, speedy. I was speechless as we were leaving, wondering to myself if I had just gone nuts and not realized it, and if it was all just a mind trick, and I was actually laying on the floor at home drooling and twitching. It was that strange.

But I know it really happened because I have a receipt sitting right here, but damn. When did government employees start being nice to deal with?

Stinky Pillow

You stink so bad, I have to say

I barfed a little

the other day.

A little spittle,

every day,

Makes you stink, in every way.

I actually have smelled pillows that stunk to high heaven, actually at a garage sale once. For the love of pete, just throw it away!! Stinky shoes, whatever, they are far, far away from your head, but pillow?!? Phulese. Ickkeddy-Ick-Ick.