That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Contents below are boring and lame and I wrote them to waste time, so if you value your time, don't bother reading this post!!

I have nothing to say tonight. Nothing at all.

Nothing has happened even remotely worth writing about. Oh, I could write about how I started keeping the electric blanket on level 6 instead of 16. That's not exacly exciting.

Or I could write about the 4 tupperware jello cups I bought hold exactly a small box of jello. That's not at all exciting.

Or maybe how I should really do a couple of loads of laundry today. Or I could write about how I figured out that if you cut a Bounce dryer sheet in 1/4ths, you get the same effect as using a whole sheet, but not having to buy them nearly as often. Somebody might find that exciting, maybe. But not likely.

I could always write about how it is supposed to snow tonight, but that I'm not excited about it because it won't amount to diddly-squat.

Well that's enough of me thinking out loud for now! Wish I had something exciting, but I have exactly nothing. Well pretty much nothing.

See. I told you not to bother reading this!

I Want Snow Up to My Armpits

I am a little more than miffed about this winter.

I like winters that have ice storms, and 20 inch snowfalls, and school closings.

I like winters that you wonder how the plows don't get stuck because there is so much snow.

I like winters with blizzards.

I like winters with days where you have to shovel three times a day, or else the snow gets too deep to comfortably shovel.

I like winters that make it so you really need to keep your block heater plugged in, or else the car won't start in the morning.

I like winters that you break your wipers because of the cold.

This winter has been really lame, and if it doesn't shape up, I'm going to be verrrry disappointed.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie!!!

Worried about others controlling your mind?

Worried about people reading your mind?

Want your secrets to stay secrets?

Worry not, people!!!

"AFDBs are stylish and comfortable." Heh. This is just way too funny!!

Sneaky, Sneaky

I had my parents over to visit this weekend, and all went well this time. No pushiness, no bickering, no fits, AWESOME!

Sometimes things go great, but other times it all hits the fan.

You all should be proud of me as I cooked a stealth meal, and surprised everyone with eggs and sausage and muffins and toast and fruit cocktail on Sunday morning. Sneaky sneaky! And it is hard to be sneaky with my parents because they are kitchen dwellers, and are constantly popping into the kitchen to do stuff.

The other meals were not stealth, but were OK. Friday night I served beef stroganoff, with choice of egg noodles, or rice and green beans, and diced pears and peaches. Saturday we had breaded fish, baked beans, corn, lefse with butter, and lemon poppyseed muffins for dessert.

When ever company leaves, I end up feeling sad. There are lots of people that I would love to see a lot more often than I do, and I miss them when they leave. I just have a hard time saying good-bye.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Winchester is Just Fine

Upon further investigation on the cease of production of some of the classic Winchester rifles, I have discovered something very disturbing.

None of it is true. Not one bit.

All of it was made up by Contagion of Miasmatic Review, the fake links and all. (you think we can't see a fake link to the Wall Street Journal a mile away, do you Contagion?)

Why?!? WHY?!? You may be asking. One reason. To make his generous loving wife Ktreva think that he might never be able to own a piece of American history, that she would buy him one for fear that it was his last chance ever. That was his plan the whole time. Yes folks, it is sad. On many levels. Mainly because it worked.

I am Soooo Nice.

Just for the record:

"Contagion seems happy for her, or rather himself, because he thinks she will talk to him less now. I seem to think she will make time to talk with him. Just guessing." Wrote Ms. Sarah

"It’s about damn time. Her Royal Yappiness can finally have another outlet for her uncontrolled need to communicate other then talking to me. That means I can spend more quality time playing Madden and Blitz instead of having to pretend to listen to her." Wrote Mr. Contagion

Now, Contagion is claiming that I was "wife baiting" to get him in trouble. No, not exactly. In fact, once you read both of the statements, his is far more brutal than mine, and if anyone is going to get Mr. Contagion in trouble, it is Mr. Contagion himself, not me.

I could be considered something of a 'Savior' for paraphrasing it much kinder than he originally wrote it. I was doing him a favor. Because I am so nice. And he feels the need to wrongfully accuse me of offenses that I did not commit. Contagion is a danger to himself. That's all there is to it. No "wife baiting" needed.

I have contacted Mr. Contagion on several occasions, trying to discuss the true definition of "Wife Baiting", and he has been uncooperative in the matter.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"WIfe Baiting"

A while back, Contagion accused me of "Wife Baiting" to get him in trouble with his lovely wife Ktreva. That was not exactly the case, which has forced me to do some poor-quality investigative work to disclose the following:

My goodness, look at some of the stuff Contagion has been saying about his lovely wife Ktreva...sort...of...well...I got all of this from his blog anyway...all from the same post...

Ktreva finally got off her butt...that could lead to a fight over who gets to use it...

That means I can spend more time playing...uncontrolled...

Go over and give her a warm...darn time...

She married...a nasty habit...poor girl...

Her uncontrolled out of the bag...

Her Royal Yappiness...has a nasty habit...I think I'm buy a...warm and friendly...poor girl...

My gosh, somebody needs to keep him in check, she should beat him.

(How is that for "wife baiting" Contagion?) Smart ass.

Sneaky Bastards

What is wrong with me? Seriously, I am addicted to that Oil of Olay soap that I bought the other day. Every time I go into the bathroom, I grab the bar and sniff it. Sometimes I will be walking past the bathroom door, and then turn around and go in there for no other reason than to sniff the soap. This is getting out of hand in a big hurry. What is going to happen when I go away for a weekend? Is there going to be withdrawls? Am I going to have to find a Walgreens to get my fix? Is this only the beginning of a expensive, lifelong addiction to bath products?

Am I going to have to start keeping a bar of it in my purse, just in case the car breaks down, and I'm stranded for a couple of hours? What a burden, if I not only have to make sure I bring ample smokes with me, but also make sure I bring soap too. Crap. Another friggin' addiction. Just what I need. Caffeine, cigarettes, and now this.

Thanks a lot Oil of Olay. There are no warnings on the package or anything, sneaky bastards.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happy Birthday TNT!

Happy Birthday Auntie TNT!!
(I don't really call her Auntie, but it's funny to because she is so darn young)

I'm really good at crappy poems, so that is what you are getting from your Niece the spaz!!

In Green Bay colors, because the Packers are her favorite!

I have a Aunt who's really cool

If you don't know why, then your a fool

She is even pretty at the pool

Her beefy arms, they are swell

Who she beats with them, I will not tell

And it's her Birthday, by golly gee!!

I think she's really thirty- three...

So here's her poem, for her, from me!!

Happy Birthday!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Things I Learned Today...

Richmond from One For The Road, posted some things she learned today, so I will take the opportunity to tell you what I learned today:

It is possible to make a 20 lb cat fall down the steps using a mere ping-pong ball. And yes it was funny. So funny that Shorty keeps trying to bean him again. No the fat cat is not hurt, physically. Emotionally, yes.

That's pretty much all I learned today. I'm ok with that. What I should really learn today is how to use trackbacks, so I hope Richmond sees this.

Power Of Words

The power of a few words is incredible. Incredible to the point of being unbelievable. How is it, that when you are feeling down on yourself, the right words from the right person can change your outlook? Those few words can almost wipe the slate clean, lifting a giant boulder right off your chest, making it possible to get up and dance. Dance and sing, in the sunshine of life. The pure joy that comes from knowing that you matter, that someone cares enough to set you straight is amazing. Intoxicating to be exact.

Bringing such happiness to a person, with a few kind words, not knowing they will do what they will, only knowing that they need to be said, is cherished. To set aside any personal awkwardness, for the sake of me, I will never forget.

To make a woman feel like a girl again, is hard to do. With only a few words. You have no idea what you have done. You know who you are, and I Thank You.

Movin' On Up...

Oh the excitement.

We went to the local Wally-World, for our monthly shopping trip, and I decided to buy myself some girly soaps and shampoos. Yes. Believe it folks, I bought something other than Suave shampoo. I bought a bottle of that Garnier Fructis shampoo for color treated hair, and a bottle of Prell, because there is just something about the smell of Prell. Mmmmm. And I bought a two-pack of bars of Olay with Shea Butter. People, this soap smells better than Tide. I have been using some crappy ass Jergens soap for quite some time now, so this stuff smells like heaven. The first thing I did when we got home and got everything put away was open up my soap. Sniff...sniff...I have the box sitting here by the computer, and I'm huffing it like a strung out addict. sniff...The smell is intoxicating. I can't get enough of it. sniff...I know it sounds silly, but this is a pretty big deal. For more than 5 years now I haven't bought anything other than Suave. Movin' on the east side...My god, I haven't even used the stuff yet and I'm about to have a stroke because of it. All is well in the world tonight. In my world anyway. Sniff...Mmm...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

How Weird are YOU??

You Are 60% Weird
You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!
How Weird Are You?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I'd Have Given My Left Arm...

I'd have given my left arm...

I have come to realize that I use that phrase a lot. Way too much. I even think it in my head when I see something cool.

This came to mind while thinking about when I was riding with TNT and Harvey on the way to the Fritz Fest blogmeet, I was chattering away in the back seat, and showed Harvey the t-shirt I was wearing under my sweatshirt. It was a concert t-shirt from the Guns N' Roses & Metallica tour of 1992. I remember wanting to go to that concert so desperately when it made its way to Mpls., but my folks wouldn't let me go. Many, many tears were shed because of that concert. A couple of years ago I found this shirt at a garage sale, and just had to buy it. Had to. It goes against my rules of not wearing a concert shirt that I didn't go to. I don't care. I probably would have seriously given my left arm to go see the show, I can wear the shirt.

If my arms, fingers, toes and such detatched easily, I wouldn't have much left. I would have traded them off long ago. For stupid stuff like concerts and jewelry when I was 14.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Not Going Postal

It has been brought to my attention that perhaps some folks are a little spooked by the post below, and think maybe I am on the verge of going postal. That's not the case at all, that post was almost like a brainstorming session, and wasn't creepy or weird to me till I got finished with it. Then I looked at it and went "holy crap, I suck", and that's all there is to it.

In fact I have another post all worked up almost as big as the last one, of things I haven't done/seen/whatever. I almost don't want to post it, to brag about my lameness. No need to worry, not going postal, I'm just lame!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Have Never...

The latest meme going around got me thinking...

I have never been on vacation. Well I guess it depends on what the definition of vacation really is. I have gone places, relatives houses, for weddings, etc...

As an adult I have not been on a plane. Or train. Or bus.

*WARNING* Now begins the I HAVE NEVER...portion. Don't read the rest of this unless you feel like wasting a great deal of time. Seriously.

I have never left the country. I have never seen the ocean. I have never been camping. I have never valet parked. I have never stayed in a hotel taller than 3 stories high. I have never eaten at a restaurant where there is a dress code. I have never had a cup of Starbucks coffee. I have never been to a fitness center. I haven't cut my hair since the 1990's. I own no pantyhose. Serenity was the first movie I saw in a theater since the 1990's, and the one before that was *oh no* Showgirls. I haven't been to a museum since a elementary school field trip. I have never paid a toll booth. I have never been to a spa. I have never had my nails done. I have never had a massage. I have never been fitted for an article of clothing. I have never used actual 'silver' forks, spoons etc.., I have never rented a car, I have never seen an ipod, I have never been in a taxi, have never had room service, have never been in a hot tub, I have never purchased cookies or cake from the grocery store bakery, I have never had an 'energy drink' like Red Bull, I have never had a pizza delivered, I have never double-parked, I have not had my picture taken professionally since my graduation photos.

I have not had my hand held since I gave birth. I have never had a car door opened for me. I have never been to a bachelorette party. Never had a party thrown just for me (except for the ones when I was like, 3), have never owned a mini-van or SUV (I don't think a 1985 full size blazer counts as a SUV). I have never had a smoothie. Never had a banana split. Never been away from home for more than a week. I have never purchased shoes on a whim. I have all the same make-up I had in high school with the exception of mascara. I have never had my hair blow-dried by anyone but me. I have never purchased 'artwork'. I have never "shopped" for a car. Never had a Dunkin' Donut. I have never paid for a car wash, never taken my car to have the oil changed. I have never paid to have my taxes done. I have never had anything dry cleaned. I have never had a comfortable bed. I have never seen anything pay-per-view. I have never had my hair 'styled'. I have never been to a play. I have never been to the opera. I have never bought a scratch-off lottery ticket. I have never bought any product from the fancy cosmetics counter at a department store. The only pet I have purchased was a .25 goldfish, the cats were free. Cats are always free. I have never had a dog of my own. I have never been to a beach that the sand wasn't muddy and smelly. I have never been in a boat that went fast enough to waterski behind.

Wow. Everything just spilled right out. I can guarantee there is more cool stuff that I haven't done, but I just don't have it in me to continue with the list. Now that I have read it all I feel pretty lame. No, not pretty lame...really lame. Damn. And just think, I'm almost 30 years old.

Now I will have to make a list of all the stuff that I HAVE done. That ought to cheer me up...or not. Uff-da.

Corn Issues

Went to the feed mill yesterday because we are darn near out of corn for the pellet/corn stove. Since it was supposed to snow later in the day I didn't want to get a full load, only a couple hundred lbs, because I had to haul it all into the basement by myself. So I came home with my 360 lbs of corn, to notice that this batch of corn is so dusty and with chunks of cobb, and the kernals are not uniform, and lots are broken. The last 2 times I got corn, it was very clean, the kernals were large and uniform, and there was hardly any dust at all.

Point is here is that I wonder if they sold me a lesser grade of corn, for the standard price, and I also wonder if I should expect any consistency from the feed mill? This new corn is so dusty, I don't know if we really should be burning it, as the dust just turns to ash, and sticks all over to the inside of the stove, and inside the chimney. Also, I saved a jar of the previous corn, and then a jar of the new corn, to perhaps bring to the feed mill to ask them about it.

Any farm kids out there that may have answers for me about my issue, your comments are welcome and appreciated, as I have almost no experience with it. All I know is that the corn I got this fall was a million times better than the crap I got yesterday.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


What is it about old people being excellent hosts?

Last weekend I went to a luncheon with my parents, husband and Shorty at my Great Aunt & Uncles house, and it was most excellent.

She made stroganoff over rice, baked sweet carrots, lime jell-o with half pears in the bottom, fresh rolls, and candied fruit bread for the meal. Not the most fancy of meals, but for a simple lunch, this was tops. Then the dessert was a choice of two different kinds of from-scratch cakes, warmed, and with ice cream. She even had candles going on the table. The thing is, I never heard a pan rattle, I never even saw her in the kitchen, it's almost like the meal cooked itself. I want to know how she pulled that off. I want to be like that. Every time I have people for a meal, people notice that I am cooking and come in and check on me.

This is what I suspect happens: I think she waits till her husband has the group of visitors entranced with an old war story, then she ever so sneakily slips into the kitchen for a couple of minutes so that she isn't missed, and slips back into her chair before we notice she was even gone. Another thing she did was have the table set, and the candles lit before anyone arrived, so there wasn't this mad dash to get the table set as the food was ready. That's just smart.

All in all, she was the best hostess I have ever seen. It was just the smoothest entertaining. And she did it with grace. I have to practice so I can pull something like that off, because that was just great.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Wow! Guess who just got herself her own blog.........That's right, Ktreva, wife of Contagion of Miasmatic Review. Contagion seems happy for her, or rather himself, because he thinks she will talk to him less now. I seem to think she will make time to talk with him. Just guessing.

I for one am very excited, as I met her at the Fritz Fest Blogmeet, and she is absolutely wonderful. I don't know how many times people tried to peer pressure her into getting her own blog, but it was quite a few. I'm glad it worked! The Reality Ranch is up and running, so go check it out!

And Ktreva, Welcome!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

To the Woman in the Black Expedition

You know who you are.

While your husband was driving your sorry ass around today, seems you had to flail your boney fingers and crotchety voice around like you own the road. Let me tell you woman, it just isn't attractive on you. Your husband was embarrassed as all hell. I'll bet you are still hearing about it from him as you (hopefully) reading this.

I wish you the mother of all yeast infections, you used up hag.

You are lucky I have self control, or I'd have beat you till you cried with the floor mat in the truck. Then I would have thrown your cell phone into traffic. If your make-up case was handy, that would have gone into traffic too. Then I'd have grabbed my floor mat and gone home.

Rather than act like a boob like you, I behaved. I ignored you. Because YOU suck. A lot, judging from the wrinkles around your mean old mouth. Just sayin'.

To all of you who are not the blonde woman in the Expedition, near a Burger King, and a stoplight at approx. 4:45 this afternoon, acting like a giant ass, please disregard this post, and have a good weekend.

Tax Time!

My husband got his W2 for yesterday, and did the exciting task of doing the taxes last night. Woohoo. I just hide on the couch and wait for him to ask me my social security number. We file jointly but I just don't understand because I didn't made a dime last year, so why do I have to sign the taxes too? Is it just to prove that I am still alive? Because that just doesn't seem too foolproof of a way to keep track.

My husband deliberately staples the papers together even though it specifically says not to. Has been doing this for years. So I asked him why the hell he thinks he NEEDS to keep doing that. His response: Because they keep stealing my money, they can deal with a couple of staples. OK freak show. He also made mention that he would like to do the taxes in crayon, just for fun. Kinda like--Ooooh, that'll get 'em. Yes dear. Then they can put you on a list, (they sooo have a crazy tax asshole list, I'm just sure of it), and just wait for you to screw up so they can take away all our stuff, even the cats. You know they would take the cats just for spite.

All because he did the taxes in crayon, and used staples. Then they would take all of my stuff just because I am married to a smart ass. And signed the taxes.

Thank you in advance, Dearest Husband, for getting all of our good, good stuff taken away. They will put us in separate prisons, I hope you know.

Please just quit it with the staples before things start happening.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

To See Life

I started (and almost finished) Island of the Blue Dolphins last night. It was one of the books that I LOVED as a child, and for some reason I needed a little bit of my childhood or something, and started reading it again. It didn't take long for me to remember why I loved it so much, many years ago.

As I was reading it, I felt my mind drift as though I was there, experiencing everything she was, seeing the ocean, wild dogs, everything. Took me back to a time when I would spend the entire summer making forts in the woods behind my parents house, all by myself, and loved every minute of it. I made it my mission, for several summers, to make the fort of all forts. Never used tools, or wood scraps, only what the forest would provide, is what I used. Imagine my surprise when I found that rabbits had wintered in one of my forts. I took that as a complement.

I had a neighbor boy who I occasionally teamed up with for fort making fun, but he did not have the patience, or the creativity to build anything that would last. I worked better alone. The things you learn about yourself and the world around you if you lay in a meadow and stare into the sky, even as a child, is amazing.

I guess I just wanted a little bit of that wonderment, or the feeling that I CAN do anything I set out to do. That gets hard to remember as I go day to day with the chores of a daily life. You lose a little I think when you have a child and spouse, as now you are a wife, and a mother, and both are wonderful things, but it is very easy forget that the little girl inside is still screaming to be free. Free to be ME, not a wife, not a mother, not a daughter, just me. The freedom of a July meadow, with not a care in the world, counting the clouds. The joy of gathering apples every day for the deer, and laying 10 feet away on the grass watching them eat, and watching them watch me. That was a different summer, I made it my goal to gather all of the plums, pears, and apples that fell on the property, put them all in one spot with a bucket of water to get the deer to come. And they did. So I laid in the grass near to where they would eat, and every day I would lay a little closer to the feeding spot till I was about 10 feet away. Watching them, and they watched me. It was beautiful. They had no fear of me, and I had no fear of them, even though they could have easily stomped the hell out of me if they wanted to. They knew I was the one who fed them, because I could sometimes see them watching me bring the buckets of apples to the feeding spot, watching me from the woods. Waiting for me to finish so they could eat. The fawns playing games with me, waiting for me to blink, then they would frolic around and come back, wait for me to blink, and do it all over again till their mother would make them stop. It was then I learned that children are children, no matter the species.

And that book was the inspiration for many of the things I did as a child. It inspired me to feel. To see life. To participate in life. To love life. And to enjoy the company of myself.

Wow, that was long winded.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Official Fritz Fest '06 Post (version #2)

Well, I spent so much time writing the original post that got eaten, that I am a little bit without words this second go round.

I will say, however, that I had a most excellent time, with a group of wonderful people. I was quite nervous for a little while, as I really don't get out much. As if nobody could tell. Really, meeting sort-of-strangers is a little scary at first for me. It did not take long to feel right at home, and I enjoyed myself immensely. It took a while to get Contagion socializing, because he is so shy, but I do believe he had a good time despite his shyness. Glad to see that he was able to have a good time. It is hard for shy people, and we all must take that into consideration.

I would like to thank Tammi for her hospitality after we left the bar, as she invited the stragglers to her place for more eats, booze, and good company. I thank her for inviting me to her beautiful home. I had a great time. And I would like to state that I don't think that she has an "Unhealthy addiction to candles".

And most of all, I thank That 1 Guy, from Drunken Wisdom for setting the whole shindig into action, it was awesome, and he is a damn nice fella.

As I wrap this up, I would like to say that if there are bloggers out there that are scared to go to a blog meet, don't be afraid, you will find yourself with a group of really nice people.

Hey, Look....a New Kid!!

Looks like the Bad Example Family has been getting busy, and produced Blue Tige! Lots of great stuff over there, so go over and check it out.

Welcome to the disfunctional Bad Example Family, Tige!

Not Cool

Blogger ate my damn Fritz Fest post. Gone. Bastards.

I'll be starting over, it will be a while.


You wanna know what really ticks me off?

The word spatula is used to describe two entirely different kitchen utensils, otherwise known as a burger flipper or a bowl scraper. Ticks me off. Whose idea was that?

Spatula, what?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Boogery Joy

I wanted to do a post about the great time that was Fritz Fest, but that will have to wait a little while.....

I started feeling crummy at the bar on Sunday, and just passed it off as 'tired from driving so much'. I do not believe that to be the case. I'm sick. It is not all in my head.

*Sore throat
*Boogery sinuses
*Productive cough
*Gas that could be used as a weapon, and I fear that is is the first stage of explosive diarrhea. Joy.

I need to stay in bed, with the cats, and the electric blanket, eat some chicken soup, and if my eyes can handle it, read a book. My feelings wouldn't be hurt if the book thing doesn't work out, I think some shuteye would actually be better. The glitch in that plan is a 4 year old. Lets just see how this goes.

I shall work on posting on the blogmeet, bit by bit, hopefully done by tomorrow. Worry not, gentle reader, I had a most excellent time. I will say now that I officially blame Contagion, of Miasmatic Review, if I experience explosive diarrhea. Because he is so shy, and rather timid. Yes. Timid. So it just makes logical sense that it would be his fault. Yes. That's right. Logical sense. I'm going to go hide now.

Saturday, January 07, 2006



A good time was had by all last night.

A rough time is being had by me this morning.

Don't worry, Shorty got babysat by the older kids of the Birthday girl, which are more than qualified to watch a 4 year old. Real responsable lads, they are.

I made a buck-fiddy bet, and won in less than a minute, ticked off the guitar player in the band (had to in order to win the buck-fiddy), later felt remorse for stealing his smoke out from the strings of his guitar for a mere buck-fiddy, accosted him as he was coming out of the bathroom trying to give him my winnings because I felt bad. Then he wouldn't take my dollar. I have a list of the places the band will be playing this month, and they may not have seen the last of me. He will get that dollar.

I think I danced for 2 hours straight. I have never done that before. I hurt. Real bad. I just couldn't help myself. When I hear "my dixie land delight....", and "you and me goin' fishing in the dark...." I just can't help it. Disco has the same effect. My dancing skills are not good, it must be noted. Think 'Drunk monkey having a seizure.' That's me. It's not pretty.

My poor patient husband, and the poor patient husband of the birthday girl sat in the corner and talked about garage door openers, ambulances, shootin' possums, and drunk wives the whole time. I have been assured that they also had a good time.

It's going to be a long day.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Babe in a Bar....

OK folks, here's one for ya.

I just got invited to a Birthday party at a bar for a friend of both my Husband and I. Trouble is that it starts in about 4 hours, and I have nobody to watch Shorty for me. In Minnesota the law states that all minors have to be out of the bar after 10 pm. I am not sure if I am comfortable bringing him to a bar at all, since I have not done it since he was a little baby. (And it was a bar and grill) So, since my husband is going, he asked me if I wanted to meet him there. I just don't know.

I really want to go, but I don't want things being awkward because I brought a kid. (The lady whose Birthday it is has 4 kids, and they will not be there).

The smart me says not to go, but the 'want to have some fun' me says it's no big deal. Any thoughts? (I will not be driving drunk, by the way) I am really leaning towards not going.


Just a quick question for all of you.....

How many of you have a dishwasher?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pecked To Death By A Duck

Today has been going significantly better than yesterday, thank goodness. When Shorty was smaller, those kind of days were common, and I just don't miss it. Drives me nuts when he reverts back to his old ways.

Being a mother is like working for an abusive boss. Who doesn't allow sick days. Or vacation days. Or private toilet breaks, or quiet lunch break. Much like an indentured servant, or at the very least, a sweat shop. And of course there is no union representation.

Now, I realize that this situation has a much better outlook than it did a couple of years ago, when the kid was two, much better. I would not have been able to handle another year of that business. I seriously don't know how some folks have a whole line-up of kids that are very close in age. The insanity wouldn't quit for years! I think the white van would have to come for me. That's all there is to it.

As the magnet on my fridge says: "Having kids is like being pecked to death by a duck." I spose I will have to take that down when Shorty learns to read, huh?

Well at least the duck had his fill yesterday, and isn't picking at my wounds today. I have probably jinxed the whole day now by writing how well it is going, but we shall see.....

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Expert Button Pusher


Shorty is pissing me off today. First, with the complaining about how he didn't like the green ring pop I bought him yesterday, and then he wanted some of my chicken soup, but he didn't want to share, and take turns with the spoon, so I told him that I was nice enough to share my lunch with him, the least he could do is be cooperative and friendly. Ha! No way Jose. So then he went off crying off to the couch, telling me how angry he is with me. Whatever dude. Shape up or no soup for you is my opinion. Then he pulled out the "I don't want Presents from Santa" card. Complaining about all the presents he got for Christmas.

I told him that I would gladly pack up all of his presents and get rid of them if he so desired. Then he got even more mad and told me he doesn't like toys, and get rid of all of them. "Even all of your Thomas the Tank stuff?" Well, actually, it seems that he likes that stuff.

Then I asked him if he would like to shape up and have some soup, and lo and behold, he wants soup. So that went well. For a second.

Then I went to get a napkin and he swiped my seat. This is an ongoing issue here, and he gets in trouble every time, with every person he swipes from. He knows full well he will get in trouble for doing that, yet still acts surprised EVERY FRIGGIN TIME HE DOES IT. What the hell? I not very nicely informed him to get the heck out of my chair, or I will get him out the not nice way, and he didn't budge. So I peeled him out of the chair, plopped him on the floor, and told him that if he wants someplace to sit, find another chair. So then he went crying back to the couch, claiming he needs his privacy, and I need to go away. I told him if he really needs his privacy, he should go to his room, or the bathroom, and I'm not going anywhere. Again, he tells me that he is mad with me.

Patience is getting difficult. This kid is an expert button pusher. Do kids that don't spend the day with their mom pull this crap with their moms? Do kids in daycare pull this crap on their day care provider? How am I supposed to react to this behavior? Obviously, consequences need to be established, and they are, but when the kid is so stubborn, he just pisses me off more, and makes the situation worse. Man, this sucks.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Heat Wave!!

I was out and about all day today with no jacket, because it simply wasn't cold enough for one. I didn't find out the temp till I got home and the local news said the high today was 36 degrees. I would have sworn that it was at least 45. Huh. I guess that's what happens to a person who has lived with the cold a very long time. I am not special, though, because I saw numerous others with no jackets either.

What was the point of this post? I don't know. Just a tidbit of my day.